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This blog is an exploration.

Five years ago I quit music, moved my furniture into storage, and dropped out of the world. For the next three years I read 10 books a month, all nonfiction, educating myself in a wide variety of topics. It was a strange time for me personally, and a luxurious one academically. My favorite subjects of study quickly became religious mysticisms and modern science—quantum, chaos, and system theories, etc. I found wonder and beauty in what I perceived to be poetic interconnections between these two seemingly opposite ways of approaching the world: devotion and reason, intuition and experimentation.

The Gnostic Gospel of Thomas quotes Jesus as saying “Be passerby.” I take this statement to be an endorsement of both non-attachment and humility. So my challenge in writing this blog will be to strike a balance between wanting to enroll you in seeing the world as I see it, and just sharing some discoveries I made that dazzled me, hoping they also dazzle you.

And so we begin.


  • Maria says:

    Thank you for sharing.I do untherstand your feellings and the reason of your blog

    • poeticinterconnections says:

      Thank you for your comment, Maria, and for your understanding… I hope you continue to enjoy the blog. Please help spread the word!

  • L.M. says:

    What a triumph this blog is! Certainly beats the ever increasing barrage of infotainment we are forced to endure.

    Don’t be intimidated by those who shun a holistic approach. People say we should think outside the box and then ridicule us – or worse – when we do. More power to you, and best of luck with this and other endeavors in the future.

    Most sincerely,

    L.M. :o)

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