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Exploring the intersection of spirituality, science, and the creative process.

Poetic Interconnections is a blog written by Adam Daniel between 2008-2011 about the common insights among world mysticisms like Buddhism and Kabbalah, contemporary sciences like quantum physics and cosmology, and the process of art.

In 2010, Poetic Interconnections became a 10-week class called “Spirituality, Science, and the Creative Process” offered by Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles.

Spirituality, Science, and the Creative Process

Spirituality, Science, and the Creative Process

Great ideas inspire enduring art. This course explores grand themes shared by spiritual philosophy and cutting-edge science, using them as source material for artistic creativity. Examining energy, duality, infinity, chaos, evolution, and actualization, students will consider how these and other spiritual and scientific themes are mirrored in their own creative process, inspiring resonant artwork in any medium. Voluntary creative prompts will challenge student artists to depict entanglement, emergence, and higher and fractal dimensions. And in-class journaling assignments will require students to reflect on their own creativity, encouraging mastery of process as well as practice.

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